June 20 2018

Introducing: Present

Wayward Arts is a celebrated series of magazines, sponsored by our printers, Flash Reproductions, and produced by a rotating cast of top Canadian creative shops. We were honoured to be included recently, and assigned with a theme, counterculture.

Working in collaboration with our studio mate, Carolina Soderholm of DesignHolmen, we answered the call with Present—a response to the culture of distraction. Our manifesto:

“The state of distraction has become normal—not merely socially acceptable but culturally entrenched. To unplug is to rebel; it si the definitive statement of a countercultural movement that rejects perpetual distraction in favour of the here-and-now.”

The book includes all sorts of analogue elements, from handmade flowers and embroidery to creative envelopes, and beyond. Drop us a line if you’d like a copy of your own!