June 20 2018

Taking Aim: Q&A with Clare Davenport

Earlier this summer, we collaborated with Childhood Cancer Canada on Clays for Kids, a fundraising event that takes place at the Galt Sportsmens Club on September 16th. For the event’s identity, we created a youthful take on a traditional family shield, one which represents some of the organization’s core values: love, hope and strength. WE caught up recently with CCC President and CEO Clare Davenport to learn more.

WE: What was the inspiration for Clays for Kids?

CD: We’ve had success with golf tournaments in the past, but we wanted to try something new and different that would be of interest to both individuals and corporate sponsors. Our brand is about youth, and trying new things, so it made sense to take a creative approach. There’s not a lot of high-end clay shooting events like this.

WE: Why should people—and corporate sponsors—participate in Clays for Kids?

CD: Only three percent of cancer research currently goes to kids. And this despite the fact that, when you save a child’s life, you’re saving 70 years of life. Childhood cancer is underfunded and this is a fun way to correct that. It’s going to be great clay shooting and John Horne, head chef at Canoe, is going to cook up an amazing breakfast and lunch!

WE: James Whitlock, SickKids’ Head of Oncology, will be there. What will he be speaking about?

CD: He’ll be telling us about some of the new discoveries in childhood cancer research. In particular, research related to how DNA sequencing can help us create targeted drugs.

WE: Do you have any other upcoming fundraisers?

CD: Yes! In the month of September, there’s going to be the Princess Challenge. People dress up as their favourite princess or a superhero with a touch of princess. The idea is, you become a princess for a day and set up a page for people to donate. In turn, we make wishes come true for kids.

WE: Will you be out shooting at some clay targets this September?

CD: I don’t know! I’d be a little nervous for the people around me. So probably not. But, for people like me who haven’t done any target shooting before, there will be an opportunity to take some lessons with pros after breakfast.

WE: Can you say how our work has impacted the event?

CD: It’s been huge. You created a beautiful logo, invite and website for the event. And it all has the perfect tone, one which mirrors the tone of our own brand.

WE: What has been the response to Clays for Kids so far?

CD: It’s been great! We quickly sold out of tickets, so decided to open the day up to twice the participants than originally planned. In addition to those, we also still have room for corporate sponsors, which are important to making this event a success. Overall, people are really excited. It’ll be a great lunch, and people will get to play on a beautiful course.