June 20 2018

Personal work: Raina Kirn

Frequent WE collaborator and photographer Raina Kirn is one half of Raina + Wilson. The project she shares here—from a series called “Little Warriors”—was created as part of her membership in SOFIA, the Society of Females in Art collective.

“Childhood stories—my own and those of family and friends—were the inspiration behind this series. Childhood is such an emotionally charged landscape and I wanted to explore the darker side of it.”

“This one, for example, was inspired by my grandmother Velta, who lost her mother when she was eight years old. I wanted to create a piece that represented the anger, pain, loss and sadness that kids often feel but are unsure how to process.”

“I didn’t intentionally set out to make work that was reflective of me being a female artist but the fact that I helped establish an all women’s photography collective and chose to work solely with girls as the characters in my pieces certainly says something about identifying with women’s issues.”